A wireless detonation system designed to increase productivity and safety at open pit mines

May 05, 2020

Developed in the Frame of IRT Nanoelec, by CEA-Leti and Davey Bickford’s Wireless, the System Features Electronic Detonators with Bi-Directional Radio Modules

CEA-Leti, an research institute of the CEA, and Davey Bickford, a worldwide leader in blasting solutions, announced today they have demonstrated,in the frame of Technological Research Institute IRT Nanoelec, a new, wireless system that offers increased safety, flexibility and productivity gains to the blasting market.

The new system, consists of electronic detonators with bi-directional radio modules placed on the surface of a mining pit. This wireless network communicates with a digital blasting system located a few kilometers away from the blasting zone and is controlled by a wireless communication protocol specifically developed and optimized to ensure safe, reliable and synchronized operation of hundreds of detonating elements in open pit mines.

More information can be found in the CEA-Leti press release: A wireless detonation system