Additive Manufacturing

HTA is supporting transformation in the manufacturing industry through Additive Manufacturing

Our vision is to hasten the implementation of Additive Manufacturing as a means for an accurate on-demand manufacturing with true benefits of topology optimization.

Compliant mechanism made of interlocked lattice structure produced by SLM (Selective Laser Melting)

The HTA offers leading Additive Manufacturing platform for innovative process and product development, aiming covering the full-chain manufacturing for polymers and metals.

Enabling Augmented Manufacturing: the goal of the platform

  • Play a pivotal role in AM developments for the successful market uptake in target sectors such as Health, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics and Energy.
  • Be one of the pillars in 4D-Printing development: combination of the 3D printing and the fourth dimension for integration of functionalities in AM-built parts
  • Fabricate a lightweight and functional complexity 3D parts with a high quality
  • Integrating effectively the Industry 4.0 approaches by increasing process automation and by using digital twin approaches
  • Contribute to the Standardization of AM processes for the long-term perspective and LCA approaches

Areas of focus:

  • energy efficiency and advanced design,
  • modelling and simulations,
  • development of the raw materials
  • material microstructure and material recyclability
  • automated monitoring and control mechanisms


Additive Manufacturing Projects


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