Mission and Strategy

The mission of the HTA is to ensure the competitiveness of European industry through cutting-edge research and technology transfer services that develop:

innovative solutions and product key enabling technologies in microtechnologies, nanoelectronics, and smart systems coordinated and collaborative infrastructures for research, piloting, and small-scale production

In order to fulfill this mission, the alliance’s strategy relies principally on:

building shared vision and common roadmaps creating and offering common technology platforms offering pilot production facilities
  • producing prototypes and operating small-scale production

The HTA’s main focus is on the further development of innovative smart systems which aim at the most efficient use of resources such as energy and rare materials. This requires significant efforts in technological development for new sensors and actuators, adjusting nanoscale effects to microsystem applications, solving the challenges of energy harvesting and energy storage and management, developing new and more efficient system architectures by learning from nature, as well as further miniaturizing technical systems.