About HTA

To prepare for the future, four major European research institutes – CEA (France), Fraunhofer (Germany), CSEM (Switzerland), and VTT (Finland) – have joined forces and pooled their expertise in microtechnologies, nanoelectronics and smart systems creating the Heterogeneous Technology Alliance (HTA). Building a bridge over the so-called “valley of death” between academia and industry, the objective of this wide-ranging alliance is to carry out joint research projects and develop innovative solutions which contribute to meeting the future’s grand societal challenges.

Taking these challenges into account, the European Union has begun a huge process of transformation. Today’s well established information-oriented societies have an enormous need of microtechnologies, nanoelectronics, and smart systems. They have become enabling technologies used throughout a modern society. The HTA aims to respond to the demands of industry and European projects while gaining a head start on the competition.

Vision & Mission


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