HTA is supporting your needs in Photonics

We provide solutions to address the full value chain from devices to systems to accommodate devices from light generation, manipulation, and detection, including a variety of materials, and the design for assembly and manufacturing.

Miniature atomic clock
Soliton pulse formation in an in-fiber microresonator.

The HTA Photonics platform offers a single access point to the leading European research and technology infrastructures and to their rich network in the domain of Photonics.

Enabling new Photonics services

Photonics is recognized as a key technology for the 21st century. The HTA addresses the full photonics value chain from devices to systems.

Areas of focus include:

  • Novel optical elements, e.g. free-form micro- and nano-optics for lighting, displays, and augmented reality
  • Packaging of optoelectronics devices, e.g. fiber pigtailing and complete diode laser module developments
  • Photonics-based systems, e.g. miniature atomic clocks and nano- and microparticle detection
  • Laser sources and laser-based instruments and processing tools, e.g. frequency comb generation based on mode-locked laser with high-repetition rate femtosecond output
  • Photonic integrated circuits, e.g. design, fabrication and co-integration of PIC and ASIC and RF electronics
  • Multispectral imaging, e.g. machine learning based plug and play instrumentation for complex decision making.

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