How to work with us

Collaboration generally begins with the definition of joint focal areas of research and continues in joint projects. This method of working enables the cooperating institutions to offer their customers, in particular innovative small and medium-sized companies, access to cutting-edge research and development in applications at an extremely early stage, thus giving them a distinct competitive advantage.

By talking and working with you before you go public with an innovation, we aim to help you maximize the impact of your work without compromising your research goals. The HTA develops partnerships with European and global industry using powerful working tools such as technological platforms to facilitate the transfer of technologies to industry. Cooperation ranges from feasibility studies or training courses to technology and process development, the resolution of challenges related to the environment and reliability, or the special manufacturing of demonstrators and prototypes.

This approach is greatly appreciated by our customers and industrial partners as it enables them to find the best fit to their individual needs.

The HTA members act as key partners for the world of industry from large groups to SMEs and several hundred contracts are currently in progress. The alliance is seeking partners who believe in their vision. If you have a project or an idea to which our expertise could add value, do not hesitate to contact us.