CEA-Leti Explores Technology Roadmap For Sixth-Generation Wireless Networks in mmWave Bands

As countries around the world begin rolling out 5G wireless networks, CEA-Leti is looking ahead to sixth-generation technologies that will surpass the data-transfer capability of 5G.

  • Wireless communication in millimeter wave (mmWave) bands, which range from 20 GHz to 300 GHz, is expected to be a key enabling technology for 6G wireless systems, because the huge available bandwidth can accommodate ultra-high data-rate communications. Within that range of mmWave bands CEA-Leti's research is investigating D-band, a new spectrum at 140 GHz that may play a major role for 6G wireless communication.
  • In a paper written for the 6G Wireless Summit, a March event that was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic, CEA-Leti and Siradel, a French engineering firm, said researchers are considering several beyond-5G applications for these systems. These include high-capacity backhaul, enhanced hot-spot kiosks and short-range device-to-device communication. These applications' data-transfer speed requirements, typically greater than 100 Gbps per cell or per link, exceed the capability of  5G, and are not affected by the main constraints imposed by the sub-THz frequencies.

More information can be found in the CEA-Leti press release: CEA-Leti Explores Technology Roadmap For Sixth-Generation Wireless Networks


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