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12/17/2017 : 6:52 am

Enabling Business

Co-operation is generally done by defining joint focal areas of research and through joint projects. This method of working enables the cooperating institutes to offer their customers, in particular innovative small and medium-sized firms, access to cutting-edge research and developments in applications at an extremely early stage, thus giving them a distinct competitive advantage.

The HTA-partners act as key partners for the world of industry, large groups as well as SMEs, with several hundred contracts in progress. They have launched a variety of start-up companies.

A main goal of HTA is to develop partnerships with the European and global industry using powerful working tools such as technological platforms intended to facilitate the transfer of technologies towards the industry. The kind of co-operation ranges from feasibility studies or training courses to technology and process development, the solution to questions related to environment and reliability or the special manufacturing of demonstrators and prototypes.

The HTA platform will fulfill the pre-industrial research requirements but it will also be able to produce prototypes and small series, to optimize designs and processes in an iterative way by technology mixing.

The HTA-partners appreciate the support from local and federal authorities as well as from the European Commission.